About Us

PIM LLP was started in 1982 by John Jurik, MD and Joseph Kurnath, MD. All our physicians are board certified in Internal Medicine and have continued to maintain their certifications. We are affiliated with the Rochester Regional Health System and admit only to RGH; we attend to our own patients when they are hospitalized. We do not use hospitalists. Most of our physicians are actively involved in teaching either medical students from the University of Rochester, medical residents from both RGH and URMC, nurse practitioner students from St John Fisher and on occasion physician assistant students from RIT.

Our Providers

Leslie F. Algase, MD, FACP, Clincal Assistant Professor of Medicine

Kellin King, MD, FACP, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Joseph F. Kurnath, MD, FACP, Clinical Professor of Medicine

Judith A Kramer, MD

R. Edward Miner, MD

Sarah B. Nemetz, MD

Henry J. Wengender, RPA-C



Our Staff

Sarah Ames    Practice Administrator

Lisa Farciglia and Jill Tozier and Front Desk/ Check-in Checkout

Elizabeth Brunner    Document Management

Nancy Gaede and Sherry Tesch    Medical Secretary/Administrative Assistant

Carolyn Austin     Billing

Deanna Hendricks, Tracy Gilbert and Cary Secor      Licensed Practical Nurses



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